Who should be Chief Enterprise Architect?

As Enterprise Architecture matures and focuses on solving complex and strategic issues facing enterprises, a dilemma often arises: what are the skills, personality attributes and core competencies an individual should possess to perform the critical role of successfully leading an Enterprise Architecture program? Before answering, it would be important to understand EA program’s dimensions and its executive stakeholders’ expectations.

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Is Enteprise Architecture a solution or cover-up?

For some time now, I have been pondering the question, “Does enterprise architecture introduce anything new which hasn’t already been proposed by modern business management practices?” Some readers might be asking themselves, “What is the relationship between modern business management and enterprise architecture? Where is he going with this?” To begin, I personally make a clear distinction between enterprise architecture and enterprise IT architecture. For me, the former is about “architecting” the whole enterprise in order to achieve performance, coherency and sustainability. The latter is about “architecting” only the IT portion of the enterprise [mostly] under the constraints of the non IT portions. My question is about enterprise architecture and not enterprise IT architecture.

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