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About me
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Short Biography

Short Biography
Rubina Polovina is a senior IT consultant who has been providing leadership on national and international multi-party initiatives in the public and private sectors. Her down-to-earth approach achieves results by building effective teams, facilitating knowledge exchange, and expanding an organization’s capabilities and diversity, always keeping the bigger picture in mind. Her scientific work is both tested across various vertical industries and presented on peer-review international conferences.

After more than 20 years in IT business, Rubina can offer executive-level management of IT programs and projects; leading by example and in a consultative manner. Her engineering background enables her to apply applies scientific methods throughout IT industry, and she enjoys hands on work. Rubina’s fields are IT Management and Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Risk Management, Privacy and Software Development Methodologies.

Rubina is also an Innovative Agent of Change with the ability to implement IT programs that changes business. She always adds value to organizations and encourages project teams to work together toward the organizational goals. She is also proficient at overseeing project progress and presenting reports to senior management

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257 Bingham Ave.
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Czech University in Prague
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